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Elliott Federman is an audio mastering engineer with 35 years of experience in the music business. He has been credited with dozens of awards, some of which include Platinum Records, Gold Records, Golden Reel Awards, NAIRD Awards and a Grammy.

Employed by Atlantic Records for 14 years, he held positions including mastering engineer and Director of Quality Assurance for both Atlantic and Elektra Records. In addition, Mr. Federman was Vice Chairman of the WCI Quality Standards Committee – the forum responsible to set industry standards and specifications for all product released by the music industry in both analog and digital formats.

As a mastering engineer, Mr. Federman worked with hundreds of artists. His discography literally runs from A to Z (AC/DC to Led Zeppelin with the likes of Pavarotti in the middle). Mr. Federman won a Grammy for Digital Mastering Engineer for his work on the seven disc box set “Atlantic Rhythm and Blues”.

Upon leaving Atlantic Records, Mr. Federman opened his own state of the art mastering facility SAJE Sound. SAJE Sound has been a successful studio for over 20 years. Similar to Atlantic Records, at SAJE Sound he was awarded additional Gold and Platinum awards including being nominated for a Latin Grammy for his work with Tito Puente.

Within the last few years, Mr. Federman has been involved with both the major record companies and the independent artists whose music is directed solely towards digital downloading. Digital downloads require the mastering procedure that is standard for CD releases and in addition demands to be optimized for the compression process that takes place within the downloading process.

SAJE Sound is certified as a MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) studio.

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